Laser Scanner Rentals

Laser Scanner Rentals

Reality Capture

Laser scanners, drones, point clouds, reality capture tools have been around for a long time. When used as part of a design, a point cloud is a digital copy of existing conditions, becoming an important feature for building and construction teams.


  • pre-site space analysis
  • reducing change orders
  • factory layout
  • fewer site returns
  • historical in-time digital archive
  • as-built data capture


Renting a laser scanner makes sense when your company's need for scans is infrequent or you're faced with a special one-off circumstance. Test-driving a scanner prior to purchase is a productive way to help your company evaluate the need and the results prior to purchasing.

Consider renting when:

  • Large projects that will take too long with traditional measurement methods
  • To compliment your existing 3D scanning capabilities
  • Evaluating equipment prior to committing to a large investment

If your company is facing any of these circumstances, or requires the many benefits point clouds offer, they can easily be solved with a laser scan of your site. With daily and weekly rentals of a Faro M70, tripod, sphere kit, optional laptop, your data capture will be easy.

We also offer Drone services to capture larger or dangerous areas. Contact us to learn more about this offering.