Point Clouds in BricsCAD V21

Point Clouds in BricsCAD V21

Point Clouds in BricsCAD

The internal representation of point clouds has changed and is now a single, .vrm project file accompanied by a folder with the actual point data. Previously it was a .bpt binary file.

This new format has the following advantages:

  • BricsCAD displays faster and more realistically
  • It is up to half the size of the source data (the old format was up to twice as large as the source data)
  • It is fully compatible with the Bricsys’ VR Insight software.

Point cloud cache manager

You can now directly attach point cloud source data to a .dwg file. using the new point cloud management system. Previously you needed to preprocess the data, before being able to attach it to a .dwg file.

The cache manager will, if needed, perform the preprocessing in the background and attach the point cloud to the .dwg file. If this data has been preprocessed (in cache) it is directly attached.

All cached datasets are now centralized in the cache manager – there is no need to move around converted datasets. This cache manager also warns you when the data it contains is larger than a preset maximum size. You can change the location of this cache folder and its assigned size: SETTINGS > Program Options > Pointcloud disk folder.

Viewing Point Clouds in BricsCAD V21

This point cloud data set is about 63 million points, took about 2 minutes to import and is publicly available on NavVis.

Point clouds in BricsCAD V21

Point Clouds in BricsCAD V21