Grace CAD/PWGSC Atlantic

Facilitate moving your drawing to PWGSC Atlantic CAD Data Specification.

Grace CAD/PWGSC Atlantic

Grace CAD / PWGSC Atlantic CAD Toolkit

The PWGSCAtlantic BricsCAD plugin is a collection of automation tools and drawing files designed to ease the creation of drawings that conform to the PWGSC National CADD Data Specification.

The PWGSCAtlantic BricsCAD plugin does not depend on multiple template files to start different scaled drawing environments but creates or modifies the current drawing environment automatically as needed using the Ribbon Bar, pull - down menus or toolbar buttons.

PWGSC Standard Text styles, Dimension Styles, MultiLeader Styles, and Linetypes are all easily created in the drawing at the required scale as needed or as self - scaling & quot; Annotative & quot; objects for BricsCAD®.

The PWGSC Layer List can be searched for Layer Names and Layers easily added to the current drawing.

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