Quality GIS doesn't have to be expensive.

Greentech GIS

GIS Services

GIS systems are extremely powerful tools allowing you to maximize the power of your data. The problem for many small towns, municipalities, or companies, is that the cost of the available systems is prohibitive. What sets our offerings apart is our ability to complement your existing systems and adapt our GIS and CAD technologies to your workflows with innovative technology.

There is no need for steep learning curves and expensive technology. We bring new ideas to projects, taking our clients to the next level of excellence. We believe in working in conjunction with our clients to ensure a thorough understanding of projects and associated goals, offering the best and most cost efficient solution possible. Regardless of the project location, budget, or the size, every project receives the same level of commitment.

Using Open Source technology allows you to publish your GIS data on the web for mass consumption. With proper guidance you can set up a GIS solution that will accomplish the majority of what proprietary software solutions do, for a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing the quality of your data, while spending the same, or less, time doing it. Greentech has years of experience implementing and maintaining these exact systems.

Open Source GIS Environment:

  1. Move your file-based data into a spatial relational geo database like SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, or PostGIS. Control when, how, and who has access to your data.
  2. Edit your data with tools like QGIS, GAIA. For CAD, we recommend BricsCAD or MicroSurvey.
  3. Publish your data for external consumption with Mapguide Open Source, a fantastic piece of software that shares your data with the world in an efficient and secure way.
  4. We are available to create, implement, and/or train your team how to use and manage the solution.
  5. Track your capital assets and generate a PS 3150 report.
  6. Share more data with your clients / citizens.