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MicroSurvey CAD

Land Surveying is a competitive industry! We understand that finding ways to increase efficiency and help you save time in the office makes a big difference to the bottom line. MicroSurvey CAD’s “Field to Finish” process allows easy drawing creation directly from fieldwork. Whether you use a total station, GNSS, UAV, scanner or photogrammetry, we can help you turn your data into a deliverable. “AutoMap” is the feature that provides all the customization features you need to process incoming fieldwork. Added flexibility, facilitated by database connected CAD entities, makes fieldwork revisions quick and painless. Since MicroSurvey CAD is an “all in one” CAD and calculations package, you can publish final or interim results directly from your software without exporting to another CAD program for finishing and plotting.

The construction surveyor is often the last person to hear about design changes, yet they are required to be the first to implement the changes before machinery arrives. Deadlines come quick, timelines are short, and you need a simple, powerful tool for accurately prepping plans for staking and earthworks. Many companies use MicroSurvey CAD as their primary tool for translating electronic designs into stakes on the ground. Open all commonly used file types from your partners, clients, architects, engineers or designers. Clean up the source and populate your file with points, alignments or surfaces for staking. Easily calculate bolt patterns and pier corners in one step, and auto-compute offsets to prevent rework in the field. When results come back to the office, MicroSurvey has the perfect tool for QA checks, volume reporting, pad building, alignment design and production of your as-built or redline plans. MicroSurvey CAD is the tool you need to help you meet construction deadlines, so you can deliver on time, and keep your clients happy.

MicroSurvey InCAD / embeddedCAD

There are many CAD software choices on the market, including dedicated engineering packages that allow you to perform survey drafting tasks, but few that are dedicated to that task.Survey - centric tools are where embeddedCAD or MicroSurvey inCAD stand out from other CAD offerings. EmbeddedCAD is an all -in -one tool that allows you to design and create your drawings in a current Autodesk environment for seamless exchange with other engineering disciplines, and without fear of compatibility issues.If your business is standardized on an Autodesk product, using inCAD inside your existing AutoCAD or Civil3D platform places all the tools you need to use just a few clicks away in dedicated survey tool menus.In both cases, all your work can be done quickly and easily without having to navigate complex or cumbersome software routines and features that are intended for other engineering disciplines.Use purpose - built tools designed by surveyors, for surveyors, and stop using CAD work-arounds for survey calculations.Let us provide you with solutions developed specifically with the geomatics industry in mind.