CIVIL Features in BricsCAD PRO allow you to quickly create and modify TIN surfaces, gradings, and alignments for site design.

BricsCAD Pro - Civil Features

Requires BricsCAD Pro

Site Grading

Create a graded surface on an existing topographic surface. Defining a graded area can be accomplished by selecting a previously drawn open or closed polyline as entity. Grading is used in site design and land development for terracing or land leveling to make parking lots, building pads, driveways, recreation reserves, and many more.

TIN surfaces

A TIN surface is a 3D representation of a particular topographic surface. This continuous surface, consisting entirely of triangular facets, can be manipulated, edited and rendered to three-dimensional visualizations. The topographical surface can be generated based on drawing entities, data imported from a point file (CSV or TXT), points placed at different elevations, created from Civil 3D surface or imported from LandXML.

Tin Surfaces - BricsCAD Pro


You can update Corridors in real-time by dragging their 3D Alignment. Horizontal and vertical Alignments now support Endpoint, Midpoint and Nearest eSnaps. Horizontal Alignments also support Perpendicular eSnaps. Horizontal and 3D Alignments can calculate their intersections with other curves. The Properties Panel now displays Properties for Spiral-Curve-Spiral elements. Vertical Alignments support Endpoint, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Intersection and Nearest eSnaps. A new option lets you select a 3D Alignment when creating a Vertical Alignment view. In BricsCAD V21, Vertical Alignments now support parabolic curves.

Create corridors for road design

A corridor is a BricsCAD Civil drawing object used for modeling three-dimensional linear objects such as roads, railway, retaining walls, and bridges. It principally consists of a 3D alignment of the linear object and its cross-section (template and template elements).